Amazon HealthLake

Securely store, transform, query, and analyze health data in minutes

Extract meaning from unstructured data with integrated Amazon Comprehend Medical for easy search and querying.

Make predictions on health data using Amazon Athena queries, Amazon SageMaker ML models, and Amazon QuickSight analytics.

Support interoperable standards such as the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

Run medical imaging applications in the cloud to increase scale and reduce costs.

How it works

Amazon HealthLake is a HIPAA-eligible service offering healthcare and life sciences companies a chronological view of individual or patient population health data for query and analytics at scale.
HealthLake How It Works

Use cases

Manage population health

Analyze population health trends, predict outcomes, and manage costs with advanced analytics tools and ML models.

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Improve care quality

Identify opportunities to close gaps in care deliver targeted interventions with a longitudinal view of patient journeys.

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Optimize hospital efficiency

Apply advanced analytics and ML to newly structured data to optimize appointment scheduling, reduce unnecessary procedures, and predict hospital bed availability.

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Amazon HealthLake Partners can help you get started quickly with a range of Amazon HealthLake applications and services. If your data is not yet in the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard, you can work with AWS Partners who have built validated Amazon HealthLake connectors to transform existing healthcare data in to the FHIR format and move it in to HealthLake. 

See more about our partners including Diameter Health, HealthLX, Intersystems, Redox, Innovaccer, and SnapLogic.

How to get started

Amazon HealthLake workshop

Walk through how to create a Data Store and much more.

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Pay as you go with no upfront costs.

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From development to enterprise-level programs, get the right support at the right time.

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