AWS Elemental Live

Encode live on-premises video for events and 24/7 streams

How it works

AWS Elemental Live efficiently formats video for delivery to broadcast TVs and streaming to internet-connected devices.

Use cases

Efficiently format video for delivery

Process streams in real time by compressing a live video source into multiple versions for distribution to viewers.

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Manage video networks for live content

Administer hundreds of live channels and synchronize configurations, taking the complexity out of scaling video channels and workflows.

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Process live video channels using statistical multiplexing

Originate live content and share it with distribution partners for delivery over satellite, cable, or terrestrial networks.

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Connect to AWS Elemental MediaLive

Connect live video from a camera or video production equipment to a broadcast-grade video processing service, AWS Elemental MediaLive.

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How to get started

Explore AWS Elemental Live resources

Dive deep into support articles, blog posts, and training materials.

Take an AWS Elemental Live training

Learn about the fundamental functions of AWS Elemental Live.

Start using AWS Elemental Live

Access the AWS Elemental Live console.

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